One Statement Piece…

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder but it helps to add a little frosting to the cake. Select one piece of jewelry to pair with your outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks!

Everyone like colors so don’t be shy about adding a dynamic piece of jewelry to contrast your outfit of choice. The shorter the chain, the more it will draw attention to your face.  If you have blue eyes try a brilliant colored sapphire blue or with green eyes go with a rich emerald color. Brown or hazel eyes would look stunning with yellows or oranges. No matter what color you decide on, that extra pop of color will set you up for admiration from others.  Keep it classic and keep it elegant.

Empower yourself with a bright colored bauble!

Empower yourself with a bright colored bauble!


As a fashion forward modern woman, we can start stepping up our game and bring our best to the table for any given time and any given situation.  First rule is to keep it real while keeping it feminine.  You don’t want to put on you 5″ stilettos to go grocery shopping.  However you can change from rubber flip-flops from Old Navy to a pair of colorful strappy sandals that are very trendy and comfortable. Next rule, keep it simple. Don’t over do and make it such an effort that you won’t do it anymore. For instance,  If you are wearing jeans and a T-shirt?  Tuck your T-shirt into the front of your jeans and put on  a shorter length, contrasting bauble,  around your neck . This will help to frame your face and draw attention to your beautiful smile.  Your smile is one of the world’s best kept secrets for persuading other people, gaining acceptance and brightening someone’s day. It is one of your strongest assets so use it like human currency!!! Consider it one of your most valuable pieces of human jewelry.  Last rule,  keep it quick and easy. Put on lipstick at the bare minimum or a 5 minute face and you are good to go.  That’s how I define always trying to look your “best”.   Stepping up your everyday game, looking your best given the time, the place and the occasion.   Whether we are going to work, a meeting, brunch or just out and about we can always take the opportunity to channel our inner goddess for others to see and appreciate on a daily basis.  Send me pictures and tips of how you have stepped up your game, where you are going, what you are going to be doing, and we may feature it on our blog.